Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel, Zadar

Art Sales Exhibition | Hrvoje Marko Peruzović

"Selection of Works" | Opened every day 12pm-7pm

"Selection of Works" | Opened every day 12pm-7pm

The Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel is currently showcasing an art exhibition featuring the works of Croatian artist Hrvoje Marko Peruzović. This multi-talented artist, who excels in various mediums such as painting, printmaking, illustration, sculpture, photography, and writing, will display a selection of his paintings at the hotel's in-house gallery.

With almost 30 years of experience in the art world, Peruzović has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as literary performances. Although the exhibited works at the Almayer Gallery represent only a tiny fraction of Peruzović's vast and diverse oeuvre, they offer a glimpse into the artist's eclectic artistic style. The author combines different creative memories, directions, and details through his work, carefully blending them onto the canvas.

The exhibition is open to the public, and viewings are available daily from 12 to 7 PM by appointment at the hotel reception. Interested buyers can purchase the exhibited works of Hrvoje Marko Peruzović and obtain all the additional information about the paintings either at the hotel reception or by email: