Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel, Zadar

Art Sales Exhibition | Yolande Heijnen

"Selection of Works" | Opened every day 12pm-7pm

"Selection of Works" | Opened every day 12pm-7pm

Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel presents the art sales exhibition of Yolande Heijnen, an artist, illustrator, and designer with an American address. Heijnen was born and raised in Luxembourg, Europe. However, she is a Dutch national and, since 1998, has lived in New York City, where she studied drawing and painting while working in Fashion Design. Heijnen has been on the art and fashion scene for over 25 years. She participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions during her creation and won many privileged awards for artist residencies.

The exhibition at the Almayer Art Gallery presents Heijnen with a few selected works from her vast and magical artistic oeuvre. The themes of Heijnen’s paintings are diverse but always connected by exploring human nature and body, people, movements, relationships, and life moments.

Of her work, she says: “The idea of connectedness inspires my painting, particularly the confluency between person and place, between what is inside and out. I am fascinated by our state of being human, how resilient and strong we are and how vulnerable.”

The exhibition is open to the public, and viewings are available daily from 12 to 7 PM by appointment at the hotel reception. Interested buyers can purchase the exhibited works of Yolande Heijnen and obtain all the additional information about the paintings either at the hotel reception or by email: