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Exciting activities to escape from everyday stress and hustle and bustle

We’ve found activities and places where those looking for an adrenaline rush will feel "at home"

In addition to getting to know the 3000 years old city and enjoying the benefits of a modern tourist offer, Zadar and its surroundings offer numerous opportunities to explore your boundaries. From the imposing peaks of Velebit, over the lush coast and islands, to wild rivers and hidden places, this area abounds in stunning beauty and numerous opportunities for active holidays.

Zadar and its surroundings offer numerous opportunities to explore your boundaries (video: The Zadar County Tourist Board)

Whether you dare to climb to Anića kuk, explore the barren hinterland with the “wind in your hair”, rush down the Zrmanja river, dive into the blue of the Zadar archipelago, paddle through history, or simply solve the puzzle and "escape", we are confident that your Zadar vacation will be remembered as an utter adventure and experience filled with adrenaline.

Looking up

Climbers say that the passion for climbing is in the realm of the irrational. On the other hand, the adrenaline it brings cannot be so easily replaced by any other activity. For those addicted to it, there is the most important Croatian climbing centre located just under 50 kilometres from Zadar to the north. Paklenica National Park includes the area of torrent flows of Velika and Mala Paklenica, and their recognizable canyons vertically incised into the southern slopes of Velebit.

Climbing in National Park Paklenica (video: NP Paklenica

Paklenica climbing area is carved in carbonate rocks with nearly six hundred routes - equipped and arranged with different weights and lengths for every climbing enthusiast to find something for themselves. The largest number of short routes is located in Klanci - the narrowest part of the Velika Paklenica canyon.

Paklenica climbing areaRock Climbing in Anića kuk (photo: Vedran Metelko/The Zadar County Tourist Board)

The most attractive rock for climbing in Paklenica is Anića kuk with up to 350 m long routes of different character, from unequipped, through technical, to long sports routes. The rocks of Debeli kuk, Veliki Ćuk, Kuk od Skradeline and Kukovo are also attractive to climbers.

Mediterranean safari

The perfect adrenaline fun for fans of outdoor and off-road vehicles is a buggy safari. An off-road ride through dust, mud, water, forest or macadam with a tour of the Zadar area, exploring interesting historical sites and views of Zadar and the Zadar archipelago, will provide you with an experience you will want to return to again.

Buggy Safari Zadar SeaFun, fun, fun! (photo: Buggy Zadar)

Buggy Zadar offers organized tours lasting from several hours to the whole day, like a tour of the islands of Ugljan and Pašman with the inevitable Dalmatian feast in one of the taverns where the kind hosts serve fresh local delicacies. For an alternative way to visit Nin, Vir or Biograd na Moru, here you can also rent a buggy for independent riding, and thus choose the pace, rhythm and places where you want to stay longer.

Buggy Safari Zadar ForestFast & furious (photo: Buggy Zadar)

To drive these vehicles with a 700ccm 4T two-cylinder engine and enough power to overcome difficult terrain and obstacles, you do not need previous experience as they are easy to operate. Bring sunglasses and comfortable clothes, and you’re ready to set off!

Buggy Safari Zadar TrailHave stories to tell, not stuff to show! (photo: Buggy Zadar)

A spectacular water adventure

The karst river Zrmanja with transparent clear water, diverse flora and fauna, travertine barriers and up to 11 meters tall waterfalls, forms one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. This ideal place for an unforgettable adventure offers you the possibility of rafting, and Raftrek Travel will provide you with all the necessary equipment and logistics.

Adventure awaits! (video: Raftrek )

Their adrenalin-filled trip thus begins in Kaštel Žegarski, only an hour's drive from Zadar. With the help of licensed instructors, you will quickly master the techniques of rowing in a raft boat and, quickly enough, descend the canyon with easy rapids. You can take a swim under the waterfalls of the river Krupa, have a picnic lunch, and continue on to Muškovac where this trip ends.

Raftrek Zrmanja River AdventuresThis could be you! (photo: Raftrek )

You will take your bathing suit and water shoes, while all the additional necessary equipment will be provided by your hosts. Of course, you can’t do without a camera - it will stay safe in an ensured waterproof tank.

Sea treasure quest

Is there a more beautiful and exciting experience than diving into the endless blue of the sea? For those who are looking for a unique diving experience in Croatia, we have found the best choice. Scuba Adriatic, based in Zaton near the city of Zadar, will reveal many beautiful diving spots and a view of one of the most beautiful underwater worlds.

Diving at Ledenik wreck in Adriatic Sea, near Sestrunj Island, Zadar Archipelago! (video: Tomáš Čiernik)

The richness of the underwater life of the Rivanjski Channel, where large boulders on which the sea world flourishes rise from the bottom covered with white sand, as well as the wrecks left at the bottom of the Zadar archipelago, are an attractive backdrop for any lover of the underwater exploration.

Either in Zaton itself, or on one of the nearby islands, Scuba Adriatic Diving Center organizes a diving school with masks and snorkel for beginners at 20 meters from the shore, a speedboat trip with trial diving for those who have never dived, diving trips for certified divers, and snorkel trips for the whole family - always with a licensed guide.

Paddle drive

To experience Zadar from a new angle, as it was seen by numerous adventurers, sailors and conquerors, we suggest a trip by kayak. Kayak&Bike Tours Zadar will take you from Puntamika beach along the coast, the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun. You’ll row further on the way to the port of Foša over the city waterfront overlooking the Roman Forum and the unique church of St. Donat, offering the view of the city from the sea that will surely leave you breathless.

video: Kayak&Bike Tours Zadar

You can choose a tour in the morning or one just before sunset. The pace of trips and rowing is adapted to your abilities, so it is great fun for both sports fans and amateurs.

Grab the gold and run!

Escape room adventure game is designed in a way that players are shut (but not locked!) in the room, and are to uncover clues, solve puzzles and escape or execute the mission within the given time, using only the available items and their team skills.

Can you escape!? (video: Escape Room Zadar)

ClueGo Escape Room Zadar offers a game of authentic design and scenography, named "Anno 1202". The game takes place in the year 1202, just as the Crusaders come to the gates of Zadar and threaten to plunder and devastate the entire city. To spare you, the Crusaders demand to be paid in pure gold. Since the stingy merchant Dišislav, the only person in town who has enough gold to bribe the Crusaders refuses to help, you have no choice but to steal the gold.

Your courage, dexterity and resourcefulness (and perhaps some advice from the Game Master) will be enough for you to become a hero and save Zadar. This fun, exciting and educational game is intended for two to five players, with puzzles which can be solved without any prior knowledge or special skills.

Make the Almayer Art & Heritage hotel your Zadar base from which you will set off to discover the adrenaline fun and new experiences that the city and its surroundings have to offer. We will send you on an exploration with an invigorating breakfast and words of support and welcome you back from the adventure with a glass of wine.