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Zadar on two wheels

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A treatment worthy of kings in the heart of Dalmatia for all cycling enthusiasts

Perfectly nestled in close proximity to several nature parks and national parks, the canyon of the river Zrmanja and three hundred islands, Zadar offers much more than the most beautiful sunset in the world and thousands of years of turbulent history.

Zadar Bike MagicThe explorers at the Greeting to the Sun installation (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

With 3,000 kilometres of bike trails, from those for enthusiasts to routes for recreational cyclists, Zadar County is a unique cyclo-tourist spot and an ideal destination for lovers of active tourism.

Sea, river and mountains

Zadar Bike Magic PagThe Moon-like landscape of the island of Pag (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

The Moon-like landscape of the island of Pag with a ride along the saltworks and salt pools, Crvene stijene on the island of Vir or the roads that lead through the stunning landscapes of the islands of Ugljan and Pašman, are desirable destinations for all cyclists.

Zadar Bike Magic PašmanBeautiful vistas of the island of Ugljan and Pašman (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

Those who want to explore the surroundings on two wheels can easily discover the charms of coastal dorps or find a beach just for themselves. The main but low-traffic road that connects the islands with sea views throughout the ride, will attract road cyclists. For mountain bike enthusiasts, there is a unique network of roads and trails that provide an interesting Cross Country experience with the inevitable exploration of the island inner land.

Zadar Bike Magic Vrana lakeCycling through the Mediterranean scenery is a breath-taking experience (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

The deep-sea bay of Novigrad and Karin seduces with the aromas and flavours of the Mediterranean, exquisite wines and olive oils, and will bring you straight to Velebit - the longest Croatian mountain, and the canyon of the river Zrmanja.

Zadar Bike Magic Zrmanja CanyonThe canyon of the river Zrmanja (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

Untouched nature, which, because it resembles the prairies of North America, served as a backdrop for the filming of the widely popular series Winnetou with which many generations grew up, simply invites you to explore. This canyon is certainly one of the most attractive areas for mountain biking, dotted with numerous cycling routes.

Zadar Bike Magic VelebitThe epic mountain bike trails across the Velebit mountain (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

Routes from the centre of Starigrad to the Veliko Rujno plateau - the heart of the grandiose Velebit, a site of karst phenomena and speleological wonders located 900 meters above sea level, are intended for mountain biking and trekking cyclists who like steeper and long ascents that are not technically demanding.

Majstorska cesta - one of the most scenic bike trails in Croatia

There is another unprecedented karst phenomenon - the rocky ridge of Tulova greda. An attractive ride between the peaks and slopes of southern Velebit, at almost 1000 meters above sea level, rewards cyclists with a magnificent panorama of the Velebit Channel and the island.

Zadar Bike Magic Tulove grede VelebitThe rocky ridge of Tulova greda (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

Royal landscapes

Zadar Bike Magic NinExplore the beautiful and undemanding bike paths and enjoy the amazing city of Nin (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

The town of Nin - the oldest Croatian royal town where Croatian statehood was created, as well as its tame surroundings, are a place for recreational cyclists with undemanding terrain. Nearby tourist centres, sandy beaches and numerous facilities will provide a real royal treatment to the history enthusiast cyclists.

Zadar Bike Magic BiogradAn easy laid-down route which starts from Biograd na Moru through Ravni kotari, passing by grapevines and ecologically produced fruit and vegetables (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

The ideal starting point for exploring the Dalmatian hinterland is another city with a turbulent and rich history, and the capital of medieval Croatian rulers - Biograd na Moru. This physically undemanding route is intended for recreationists and takes you to the largest natural lake in Croatia - Vrana Lake, one of the rare and almost untouched natural habitats of waterfowl with 250 different species of birds that live there. For Mountain Bike riders, there is a trail that will take them along the northern side of Vrana Lake with a slight ascent to the Kamenjak lookout point that offers a breathtaking panorama of the lake and the Zadar archipelago.

Zadar Bike Magic VranaA ride on the northern part of the Vransko Lake offers a beautiful panoramic view of the lake and the islands (photo: Vedran Metelko/Zadar Bike Magic)

Whether you bring your bikes along, or rent them on site, the Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel will provide you with logistical and advisory support. Many of our guests were convinced of this, such as a couple from Rwanda who decided to explore Croatia on their bicycles, and stayed with us on the way from north to south. Furthermore, Almayer is the favourite Zadar hotel to accommodate groups of cyclists, chosen, year after year, by tour operators from the United States and northern Europe.

Almayer CyclingPhoto: Larkin Crain and Susan Lister from Rwanda

In cooperation with our partners Zzuum Zadar and E-Bike Zadar, we will provide you with a complete service and help you discover all the charms of Zadar and its surroundings. Zadar Bike Magic, a project of the Zadar County Tourist Board with its easily accessible GPS data and specially made maps, will make it easier for you to choose your adrenaline adventure.

So, get your backpacks and let the adventure begin!