Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel, Zadar

About Almayer

Welcome to Almayer

Invitingly authentic, Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel is an Adults only (12+) 4-star boutique hotel featuring sixteen exclusive rooms, Corte Restaurant with a leafy Mediterranean secret garden and glass Orangerie hidden within the mediaeval wall, as well as the charming art gallery.

Ideally located in the heart of Zadar

Surrounded by the lush green park and protected cultural monuments that are symbols of this 3.000 years old city, the hotel is perfectly located adjacent to the main city landmarks - Roman Forum, Zadar City Walls protected by UNESCO, Cathedral of St Anastasia, Adriatic sea, enchanting seafront promenade and famous architectural installations - Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun.

A perfect place for curious travellers

Named after the homonymous Inn from Alessandro Baricco’s novel “Ocean Sea”, this romantic jewel, originally built in 1863, undertook a comprehensive renovation and adaptation. Finally, in 2017, it transformed into a delicately reimagined and distinctive boutique hotel - a new focal point of Zadar old town. Specially designed by its owners to emanate the intimate and cosy atmosphere of a home, rather than a classic hotel, Almayer became a place for modern Epicureans and dreamers.

The pleasure of proximity to beautiful things

Designed mostly and personally by its owners, a creative married couple, Irina Bakija and Vjekoslav Bobić, the new interiors of the hotel and annexe rooms are visually lavish, truly eclectic and filled with the cosmopolitan spirit of the Mediterranean. Guided by the aesthetic manifesto connecting heritage, design and art, the emphasis was on the interior design, as well as creating an experience of place that makes a strong emotional impact and a sense of that instinct comfort of a Home. 

The art of feeling at home

Almayer is not just a regular hotel. Offering all the modern amenities, as expected in a contemporary city and heritage hotel, it is a unique spot where guests are treated as friends of the family - a place that allows the visitor to become part of it. A warm, welcoming interior with a carefully curated mix of vintage and custom-made furniture gives Almayer the feel of a well-loved house, rather than a hotel. This is where one will really feel at home. 

The magic of our secret garden

Discover the magic of our secret garden, which, just like the present-day Garden of Hesperides, stays hidden inside an archaic wall, filled with the heritage, the scent of oranges, and above all, with alluring stories. From the herringbone brick pavement as a reminiscence of the Antiquity and times under the winged Lion of Venice, through the mediaeval courtyard wall which remembers the ancient wars and sieges, to verdant Mediterranean vegetation and a steel and glass Orangerie in the industrial style that connects the place to the Fin de siècle and the golden age of bourgeois Zadar, our secret garden is a visual homage to a centuries-old art of living in the heart of Dalmatia.