Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel, Zadar

Explore Almayer's exquisite accommodation options

Explore our luxurious accommodation options, offering an oasis of comfort and refinement in Zadar’s old town in Croatia. Almayer provides exclusive lodging in two neighbouring and recently restored heritage buildings, namely the main hotel building and the annexe building just across the park. We have sixteen double rooms that are spacious, comfortable, and elegantly decorated with bespoke furnishings, custom art, antiques, and carefully selected objets d’art, reflecting our exceptional attention to detail.

1Almayer’s main hotel building

The main hotel building and its core area are housed within a historic single-storey house and medieval courtyard. On the premises of the former monastery of St. Nicholas, dating back to 1202, the initial building of the nowadays hotel was built in 1863 as an annexe of a then-military hospital and barracks. Fully reconstructed and reimagined as a hotel in 2017, it consists of nine exclusive accommodation units, a reception desk, an in-house art gallery, an exquisite restaurant, and a secret-walled garden. 


Our newly added exclusive accommodation units, Almayer Dépendance Rooms, are on the 1st and 3rd floors of the recently reconstructed historic Bianchini House. This beautiful stately building was built in 1914 just opposite the main hotel building and overlooking it, across from the park. Our accommodation options include seven elegant and luxuriously comfortable double rooms with beautiful balconies and views, all reachable by a newly installed elevator and directly linked to the hotel reception and restaurant.