Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel, Zadar

Almayer Art

Staying at Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel is a little like staying in an art gallery. Art, heritage and design are an integral part of Almayer’s experience, environment and culture. After all, there are numerous pieces of original contemporary artworks on display, exhibited in public spaces and rooms, all available for purchase.


Owners of the Almayer Hotel, Irina Bakija and Vjekoslav Bobić, hang the Jasna Barišić’s painting
Owner of the Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel, Irina Bakija stands in front of Andrea Musa’s painting

The hotel collaborates with numerous emerging and established top Croatian and foreign artists, to present a permanent display of art with a cyclically changing exhibition. The collection includes original paintings, prints, works on paper, photo media and design.

Instead of your typical hotel art, we exhibit curated works of contemporary art based on originality, quality and integration into the gallery space. Some pieces may challenge, others delight. Most of the artworks are for sale. For a complete list please go to our online catalogue or contact us.

Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel hallways are used as a contemporary art gallery