Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel, Zadar

Corte Restaurant: A hidden gem in Zadar Old Town

Jealousy hidden in the lush greenery of Almayer’s secret garden, Corte Restaurant is a well-kept culinary secret and one of the best restaurants in Zadar Old Town. This romantic and seductive place is an establishment for epicureans and foodie aficionados where guests enjoy various seasonal offers indoors, as well as al fresco on the terrace when the weather permits. From hearty à la minute breakfast to casual brunch and luxurious dinner menus, Corte offers a range of delicious options. Sip on sophisticated Almayer signature cocktails designed just for you, carefully selected Croatian wines, and a wide selection of drinks as you enjoy the magical setting. Learn why Corte Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Zadar.

Start your day right with Zadar’s favourite breakfast

Looking for the best breakfast experience in Zadar? Look no further than Almayer’s Corte Restaurant, where we believe in starting your day in the best possible way with a hearty and healthy breakfast. Unlike a classic buffet, we serve breakfast à la minute to order using only the freshest and finest first-class regional and seasonal delicacies, from baked goods to meat and dairy products.




Casual fine dining at Zadar’s best

Experience an authentic gastronomic journey at Corte Restaurant, where highly personalized service meets an enchanting Almayer's secret garden setting. Corte is more than just a fine dining establishment. We redefine indulgence for modern hedonists by offering creative dishes inspired by contemporary Dalmatian cuisine and global gastronomic trends. Passionate about infusing traditional flavours with a modern twist, our chef team have curated an exquisite à la carte and a tantalizing degustation menu, offering our guests a unique and unparalleled fine dining experience. Indulge in our exceptional cuisine, deeply rooted in the region's rich culinary history. Discover why we are among the top-rated restaurants in Zadar.



Menu a'la carte

Meet our Chefs

At Corte Restaurant, we're proud to have a talented team of chefs passionate about providing an unforgettable farm-to-table fine dining experience. Led by our Executive Chef Klaudio Mrkić our team focus on locally sourced ingredients from Zadar Region, infusing traditional Mediterranean flavours with Italian and French cuisine. Indulge in various Mediterranean specialties and international classics, carefully crafted with the creativity and expertise of our chef team. Experience the innovative and authentic Almayer cuisine at Corte Restaurant.

Epicurean experience at Corte Chef’s Table

Join us at the Corte Chef’s Table for an exclusive gourmet adventure. Our Chef’s choice 6-course degustation menu, presented personally by our Head or Executive Chefs, is perfect for team building with colleagues, bonding with loved ones, or unexpected gatherings for selected clients. While our Chefs present each course, answer questions and chat with guests, our Head Sommelier will discuss wine pairings. You can dine indoors or al fresco in the magical setting of our secret garden (weather permitting). To enjoy this epicurean experience, we kindly request a minimum of four guests and a reservation made at least 24 hours in advance.

Exquisite Croatian wines

Embark on a thousand-kilometre journey through our curated selection of the best Croatian winemakers, highlighting small boutique wineries and many indigenous grape varieties, especially those from North Dalmatia. Our wine list is a testament to our passion for wines and the expertise of our Head Sommelier, who has carefully chosen each wine to showcase the region's unique terroir and introduce guests to new flavours. Croatia's small size belies its wine diversity, with an impressive number of indigenous grape varieties placing it near the top of the list of countries. Join us for a wine experience showcasing Croatia's best and our dedication to wine excellence.


Almayer signature cocktails

Almayer signature cocktails, like the hotel itself, inspired by Mediterranean winds and Alessandro Baricco’s novel “Ocean Sea”, are crafted by our experienced Head Barmen, who take you on a personal journey through the power and emotions of different winds. These sophisticated cocktails evoke distant memories, appeal to multiple senses, and invite exploration. We craft each drink with passion, care, and precision, with unique names reflecting the experience awaiting guests. From refreshing to complex, indulge in the magic of the winds and “Ocean Sea” with Almayer’s unforgettable cocktails.


Our suppliers

At our restaurant, we're proud to offer a rich culinary experience celebrating Dalmatia's rich diversity and abundance. Our tight connection to local producers, farmers, fishermen, olive oil and winemakers ensures we use only the freshest regional ingredients from the Dalmatian Coast and Hinterland. From the wild game roaming freely across the greens of Velebit mountain and slopes of Ravni Kotari to the finest Adriatic fish and seafood of the deep blue depths of the Zadar archipelago - the most diverse in the Mediterranean, we're dedicated to delivering a unique taste of this beautiful region to your plate.