Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel, Zadar

About Us

Everything led us towards Almayer

Travelling to different countries and discovering the world, side by side, everything led us towards Almayer. Recognizing the potential of a forgotten house and a yard in the heart of this beautiful Dalmatian city, it took us years of planning and restoration until we finally opened the doors to our guests. The space quickly filled up with Irina's love of the unusual and special, sensualism and minimalism of seemingly arithmetic details. Vjekoslav's passion for history, Zadar's heritage, nature and, above all, the sea, flooded the space with the stories and energy of the Mediterranean. Together, with great love, we have created a shelter for curious travellers and experienced connoisseurs.

The measure of a man

We are not alone on our way. We've come across a great number of like-minded people, starting with designers, artists and creatives, craftsmen, local fishermen and small farmers, through our committed staff, to every single guest we had the privilege to host. We always stand by our words. We want to provide our employees with a solid foundation for life, offer our partners a clear business perspective, and a comfortable, stimulating and safe environment for our guests. Everyone who shares the same values and ethics with us has become part of our lives. Almayer connects us all.


We are the "self-made" hoteliers. With great passion, we've managed to build everything around us and fill the space with the soul and content in order to win every new guest. That is why we are even more grateful when we, at the right time, meet the right people, whether they are our guests, employees or partners - and when people develop or share our values. It fills us and enriches us, and it is an inexhaustible inspiration to us. That is why we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.